Photo of Cheryl Ball, Waterways & Freight Administrator with the Missouri Department of TransportationFreightWeekSTL 2023 Speaker:

Cheryl Ball
Waterways & Freight Administrator, Missouri Department of Transportation

Cheryl Ball is the current Waterways and Freight Administrator at the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT). The project manager of the 2022 update of the State Freight and Rail Plan, Ball works to identify barriers to efficient movements and bring together public and private partners to find solutions to these barriers. Ball also serves on numerous committees, including serving as the Vice Chair of the AASHTO Water Transportation Council and an appointment to the Maritime Transportation System National Advisory Committee in 2022. In her 34-year career with MoDOT, she has worked in multiple district offices and worked in various aspects of transportation such as inspections, roadway design, regional and statewide planning, and district administration.