May 13, 2024 – 9 a.m. Innovations Gain Momentum

Learn about the latest advances with some of the new technology we featured in 2023. This panel will bring back St. Louis startup Intramotev. It has made tremendous progress over the past year, deploying the first of its battery electric self-propelled rail cars at a customer site, where we can start to see how the technology the company is developing has the potential to make the U.S. rail system more efficient and sustainable. The panel also will feature updates on St. Louis-based UNCOMN‘s partnership with the Port of Long Beach to create a supply chain information highway that is capturing the attention of beneficial cargo owners due to its ability to access, analyze and integrate data from freight moving through the nation’s largest ports in a way that helps improve in-transit visibility. Israeli-based DockTech will return to highlight advances made in the deployment of the company’s “Digital Twin” technology that creates a virtual representation of the seabed of ports and waterways providing valuable insight for a variety of maritime stakeholders to help improve freight movement through the global port system.